El Camino de Santiago: photos

Day 1: San Sebastian to Zumaia

I ended up being spoiled with views like this for the whole camino.
Gorgeous view, but I was scared that the wind was going to blow me off the highway and into the ocean.

Day 2: Zumaia to Markina

Day 4: I took a break in Bilbao

Menú del día: so freakin delicious.

Day 5: Bilbao to Islares

The first of many cows/bulls in the middle of the road.
600 some kilometers to go. Hell yeah.

Day 7: Guemes to Queveda

The view from the Arco Iris albergue. It smelled like cow poop but the view was amazing.

Day 8: San Vicente to La Paz

Sometimes we had to get off and push…
Camping La Paz: the best swim of the trip.
Camping La Paz: also one of the most stunning views of the trip.

Day 9: La Paz to San Esteban

About 5 km outside of Llanes. There are no words.
Natilla. Aka flan soup. Aka deliciousness.

Day 10: San Esteban to Deva

Some days it rained. Hence my bike in an abandoned building.

Day 12: Gijón to Avilés

The albergue in Aviles. This one was quite hopping.

Day 13: Avilés to Cadavedo

I went through a phase of timed-self-photos. Also meet my tried and true biking companion: Josu.

Day 14: Cadavedo to La Caridad

Sunset at the albergue in La Caridad.

Day 16: Mondoñero to Baamonde

You can’t tell from the photo, but I am sweating out every bit of liquid in my body. This is the biggest uphill in Galicia: 500 meters. The worst part: there’s no downhill after.
One of many beautiful medieval bridges on the Galician camino.

Day 17: Baamonde to Sobrado

The albergue in Sobrado was at this monastery. I was going to continue on that day, but when I saw the church I realized I had to stay the night.

Day 18: Sobrado to Santiago

I told you…
My lunch companion.
Two Italian guys were determined that I lift my bike up over my head in front of the Cathedral in Santiago. I said I couldn’t do it alone, so they helped me.


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