The sunset at the end of the world

Last night I watched the sun set in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was cool.  It went down kind of groggily because the clouds and the stratosphere were getting in the way.

It’s funny ’cause at the moment that the sun was going down here in Fisterra it was approximately 2:40pm where you are (always 7 hours behind).  And you could see the sun too (according to laws of the universe).  It was sucking the life out of everything outside (I’ve heard it’s been hot there).  It was filtering in, a little less fiercely, through your kitchen window and making squares of light on the table.  The same sun at the same time, hitting my arms and your kitchen table.

No way man.  No freaking way.


  1. Anne anne ANNE!!! Lovely! Does this mean you just finished your journey?? I love the photos, it looks like you’ve been having the adventure of a lifetime!!! So happy for you! Finally stopping the exclamation points now.

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