Cincinnati: food in middle-America

I switched continents on you.  Sorry.  I’m taking an indefinite break from teaching English and traveling and I have returned to the home of my youth.  More to come on that, but first–Cincinnati.

I took advantage of my early days at home to tag along with my parents to visit my youngest brother who is a swimmer at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Cincinnati is a nice place.  It had beautiful fall-colored leaves, an active but relaxed downtown area and a charming river.  But what I spent most of my time doing–other than watching sexy college boys swim–was eat.

Friday night we went to Dewey’s Pizza in Norwood.  Definitely a popular place to be; we waited for a table for about thirty minutes.  But the “Edgar Allen Poe” pizza was totally worth it.  Garlic and olive oil, goat cheese, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  I had to stop the waitress from taking it away.  Yup, I ate the whole thing.

Me and my brother! Awwww

Saturday night we went to the Precinct near Hyde Park, which was a bit more upscale steak joint–oh the wonders of parent travel…  The food was wonderful to be sure.  But what impressed me the most was the locale.  It was a converted police precinct and everything in it looked old and fancy.

My brother again, and fancy things in the background.*

So since I’m a fan of food and a fan of the Xavier swim team, I’d call that a good weekend.

*Apologies for the terrible photo quality. Sigh.

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