Kefir part 2: how to make it

So now that we all know why kefir is awesome, I will tell you how to make it.

You’re gonna need some kefir grains (kefir grains are the bacteria that you put in the milk to ferment it and make kefir).  You can get them online–I got mine from the kefir lady for $15.  Or if you live in the Kansas City area, may I humbly suggest that you get them from me for free.  (If you live outside Kansas City I’m sorry–I’m afraid that if I attempt to mail my kefir grains I will kill them, plus, I don’t have that many kefir grains).

Once you have kefir grains you’ll need to start feeding them as soon as possible.  And how you do feed them?  With milk, of course!  Lactose!  Nom nom.  Use pasteurized, VAT pasteurized, or raw milk to feed your grains (do NOT use ultra-pasteurized milk).  Fill a glass jar with a ratio of about 1:5 kefir grains to milk.  Don’t seal the jar shut–the fermentation process needs air.

Cover your jar of milk and kefir grains with a paper towel or punch some holes in the lid.
Cover your jar of milk and kefir grains with a paper towel or punch some holes in the lid.

Let your milk ferment for 24 hours…

Voila, chunky fermented milk= kefir.
Voila, you have chunky fermented milk= kefir.  Also note that this particular example of kefir is probably overfermented.  If you can see the whey, you’ve gone too far.

When your kefir is properly fermented, strain it with a stainless steel or plastic strainer–don’t use metal, it’s bad for your kefir grains!

I sift through it with a plastic spoon until all I have left are kefir grains.
I sift through it with a plastic spoon until all I have left are kefir grains that look like this.
That's one kefir grain.  Fyi, the grains are edible too.
That’s one kefir grain. Fyi, the grains are edible too.

In all honesty, I think raw kefir with no additions tastes weird and I don’t usually drink it without adding something.  Also remember that if you over ferment your kefir it’s going to have a much stronger (sour) taste.  So I usually strain my fresh kefir straight into a blender and blend with bananas or other awesome fruits.  You can get crazy with it and add cinnamon, honey, vanilla, or other flavors.

Now go enjoy your bacteria-ful drink.


      1. Do you happen to still have kefir grains available? I’m ready to take the jump and try to make my own. 🙂 TIA

      2. Hi sandy! Actually, I don’t have any grains anymore. Sorry I can’t help out. I recommend trying the kefir lady that I talk about in the blog.

  1. Hi! I am eagerly looking for fresh kefir milk grains. If you have any available, I would be very happy to pick them up. I kept kefir grains years ago and really miss fresh kefir now.
    What is the best way to contact you?
    Thank you!


  2. I just want to update and say, if anyone is interested in getting some kefir grains (and lives in Kansas City), just post here and I’ll be able to contact you via email.

    1. Hello, I would like to buy or pick up kefir grains. I am experienced. Lost mine two mornings ago. I am in independence, mo. And can find any place. I need by autumn so no hurry.dl

      1. Hey Darel! So sorry, but I don’t live in Kansas City anymore. Did you check out the kefir lady?

  3. Anne I live in overland park,ks and looking for kefir grain. Please let me know if you can provide some kifer grain. Thanks.

  4. I have been enjoying water kefir but I would love to try milk kefir. Is there anyway I could get some from you as well?

  5. Hi there! I am in Kansas City from out of town, and would love some grains. Do you have any to spare? Thank you!

  6. I’m interested in getting some free kefir grains from you. I live in the Kansas City area.
    Valerie stock

  7. I know this post is a bit old but I’m looking for some milk kefir grains! 🙂 I live in Overland Park. If you get this please let me know if you still have any. Thanks!!!

  8. Hey Anne I just wanted to let you know that the grains you gave me are doing great in organic (can) coconut milk so far!!! Yummy and thanks again so much!!!

  9. Hi Anne, wondering if you are still willing to give away grains. I would love some! I live in KC,but only have transportation on Thursdays and Fridays right now. I hope we can work something out. Thanks, Cathy

    1. Also, I would like a little of both milk and water. I have a 7 year old who is allergic to milk protein, but the rest of us still drink milk. Thanks!

  10. I’m wondering if you still have any kefir grains available? If you get this message please let me know! I’d love to start using kefir. Thanks!

  11. Hi readers! I love how much interest this post has gotten! I want to let you know that I am leaving Kansas City in a few weeks for some extended travel, so I won’t be able to share my grains anymore. Best,

  12. Anne, Thanks again for the kefir grains. Just wanted to post an update. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out why my milk was separating quickly and never thickening. I searched the internet and found that because our house was pretty warm, it was fermenting too fast. I found that if I start it at night before I go to bed and put it in the refrigerator the next morning, with the grains still in the milk for a couple days, it never separates and thickens up really well. I found some great ways to use the separated milk. We used it to make cheese. It reminds me of ricotta for lasagna. I also just mix a couple spoon fulls into hot veggie pasta with fresh zucchini and tomatoes, yum. Then we started shaking it to mix it back together and used it to make pancakes. The kids love them! They taste like buttermilk pancakes. We then started to use our kefir milk, instead of water and yeast, in our amish bread recipe and letting the dough rise and ferment overnight. It’s like sourdough bread. We are really enjoying and finding new ways to use our kefir. Also, our kefir has multiplied like crazy! My son, who is allergic to cows milk protein is fine eating the things we make with kefir and can even drink the kefir. I read online, that the live cultures can actually cure milk protein, and other food allergies by allowing the protein, that was previously being rejected, to pass through the intestines to be absorbed. It’s really changed the way we prepare and eat our food. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Rose! So sorry, but I don’t live in Kansas City anymore. Check out the Kefir Lady. She usually has some available for sale.

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