New life new blog

Dear Reader,

The last few months I’ve been unsure about my future.  I returned from Spain in October lacking direction and money.  But now, my friend, I am a little bit sure.  Looks like I will be in Kansas City for a couple years.  I have a job here.

So now that I have a new life plan, I need a new blog plan.  I need a new name and URL.  iheartbocadillos has been a lovely home base over the past year but there are two reasons why it will not continue to suffice as my blog title.  First, it’s a little confusing and kind of a mouthful.  I always feel a little awkward when I’m telling people about it.  Second, it is a clear reference to Spanish.  While Spanish and Spanish-speaking countries have been a central part of my travel experience so far, I see new languages and countries in my future.

I want a title that implies travel, but that is also vague enough to be my blog site from now until I’m 80 (should I be so lucky), when I’m traveling and when I’m not traveling.  My proposed title is “unsprung world”.  I was inspired by the author David Wroblewski who wrote: “That the world could come permanently unsprung never occurred to him.”  I see a world full of possibilities and a little bit out of control–an unsprung world.

I’m taking it for a trial run right now.  I’ve changed the title on my site, as you can see, but I haven’t changed the URL yet.  Once I change the URL there is no going back!  It’s like a tattoo; it’s forever.

So tell me now: am I… are YOU… going to hate this title in a year?

Alternatively I could make my URL my name.  But I feel like that is very non-committal of me.  So if you have thoughts on this you may also comment.



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