Summer pastimes: the city market

So many choices.
So many choices.

Us midwestern city-folk have two favorite summer pastimes: partying at the Lake of the Ozarks (it’s beautiful, yes, but watch out–it’s also e.Coli infested) and hitting up the many farmer’s markets.

If you are heading to the market on a Saturday in Kansas City, you’ll have to make a choice.  You can go to the market in downtown Overland Park, Brookside, or the River Market.  You can’t go wrong with any other them, but if you have to choose one–make it the City Market in the River Market.  If it’s nice out the City Market will be bustling with people, musicians, street performers, and street food, not to mention nearly one hundred local produce vendors.


The City Market has something for everyone–vegetarians, meat-eaters, and sugar-addicts.  Wander the stalls and you’ll find samples for sweet peaches, meaty tomatoes, and homemade breads.


And it is the perfect place to go when you need your city-fix.  If you arrive mid-morning parking will be difficult and you’ll find the market area full of people wandering aimlessly.  There will be plenty of baby strollers that get in your way and people walking against the flow of traffic.


First stock up on veggies, naturally made beauty products, and locally produced jams, butters, pies, and pastas.  Buy a bouquet of flowers or get a Bromeliad (see photos).  Take a peak in Bloom Baking Co–a small shop on the north side of the market where you can watch the bakers at work.  And once you’ve surveyed all of the peaches that the vendors have to offer, steal one of the coveted seats at the local shops that surround the market.  Try a lavender latte at the City Market Coffee House or a gyro at Habashi House next door.  Feel the light breeze and listen to laughing kids. Before you know it, it will be Monday again.

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