Dispatches from quarantine: day 3

Why am I still getting emails? Stop trying to sell me things and get me to sign up for online classes. Stop trying to find things for me to do (I know it’s well intended bless the souls of my employers who are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find work for me I am lucky to have people like that in my life). But it’s funny, if you invent a job, does money just suddenly appear to pay for it? Is that how money works? I’m confused.

Have you noticed what happens when we stop for a moment: CO2 emissions have dramatically lowered in China. The canal waters are starting to run clear in Venice for the first time in decades. Can we wrap our heads around the fact that it’s not good to work all of the time? In fact, it’s bad. Can we start to learn how to say: it’s good to take breaks. It’s good to rest. Our health is more important than money. Our planet is more important than money. (But people need to pay their bills you say! Well I say, bills are things that we made up. What people need is food, medicine, doctors, fresh air, friends.)

And when this is all over people will still need those things. And if you have something to offer, something as simple as a helping hand or good advice, then you will still be needed here. And in the meantime, I hope you rest.

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